Dealing with performance anxiety in the bedroom

Dealing with Performance Anxiety in the Bedroom

Performance anxiety during sex is quite common. Especially, when you’re getting intimate for the first time or with a new partner, you may feel it is a nerve-wracking experience. Sex is often considered a special activity during which the ‘performance’ should be impressive. Don’t you think it is falsely hyped? It’s just you and your partner getting intimate & romancing. And your partner isn’t your audience to feel nervous about or criticize yourselves for them.

Though performance anxiety is common in the Australia, it prevails worldwide. Many times, the partner feels low self-esteem due to an overweight body or being unable to give their 100% during sex. Another time, men suffering from sexual disorders (premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, etc) may feel shy and anxious at the same time. Similarly, reasons like past trauma, fear of intimacies, etc play a crucial role in causing anxiety during sex. Unfortunately, there is no obvious cure for performance anxiety, there are certain ways you can manage it.

Having some form of performance anxiety is normal!

If you’re getting performance anxiety during sex, you aren’t alone. It is completely normal to get anxious before sex to some extent. After all, sex is among the vulnerable & intimate acts. Therefore, it’s natural for humans to feel anxiety especially when they’re inexperienced.

Do you know? Research states that psychological erectile dysfunction (triggered by anxiety) affects around 90% of teens & young males. 

This should make you feel less anxious. The more you look at it as a creepy thing, the more it’ll get on your nerves. Oral remedies like Kamagra Oral Jelly Australia are often used by males to boost confidence during sex. Don’t think that young males don’t require such a boost. It’s commoner than you think.

Stop having unrealistic expectations watching Porn

Porn is a legit stimulant. You can give some relief to your heart when your partner isn’t around. However, you don’t realize that it is setting some unrealistic expectations beyond entertainment. If you have only noticed, porn clips often feature men with a larger penis, always hard and ready to bang. Also, they come on cues which seem less reflective of the real world. Every individual sees sex with a distinct perspective and if the individual lacks sex education, they think of sex the way it is featured in porn.

The dark sides of porn-watching often lead to sexual dysfunctions, lower satisfaction during sex & erectile dysfunction in men. As the expectations aren’t met, men feel low self-confidence and more anxious during sex. They may start using prescription drugs like Cenforce 100mg but if they don’t limit porn-watching, the problem will never solve. Finally, set realistic expectations for yourselves as well as your partner so that your performance anxiety subsides.

Release your mental stress

Consistently having things in mind that trigger anxiety will never cure it. Sometimes, work-life stress and imbalance make men think less about sex. And during such times, if their partner seeks intimacy, they fail to give it all. This may lead to performance anxiety. The very first thing to do during such scenarios is to unload mental stress.

Keep yourself engaged when at work and try to be most productive. After work hours, you can do things that bring you peace and bliss. Have some ‘me’ time, enjoy coffee at your favourite café, call your friend, treat yourself to a pastry, have a steam bath, and do more things that keep you sane. You cannot pour from an empty cup. Who in this world knows you better than you? Do things that keep you away from any form of anxiety. You’ll slowly feel the difference & fall in love with your life again.

Accept that Sex is not everything about your D**k

When thinking about penetrative sex, most men wish to have a longer and stronger cock. They secretly wish to perform for a prolonged period i.e. around 5 hours just like it is possible with safe ED drugs like Cenforce 200 Australia. Though it is nice to have such naughty desires, it is not ideal to rely on them. Penetrative sex is just a way to get intimate, you’ve got many ways to make love to your partner. Get your tongue and fingers to play and explore erogenous zones that reach deep pleasure.

As per some research, only 25% of women are orgasmic throughout sexual intercourse while the rest 75% can’t feel it without clitoral stimulation.

On the other hand, it’s also normal for men to have difficulties in getting or keeping erections sometimes. It isn’t troublesome unless it becomes a routine. Guys, think about sex with a broader perspective than being d**k-centric.

Kick ‘Goals’ out of your mind

Expecting yourself to perform sex in a certain way or expecting a similar performance from your partner can end up in dissatisfied sex. Especially, if one partner fails to meet the expectations of the other, they may feel anxious next time. And this chain may continue until they meet those expectations. Let’s refer to this as ‘goal-oriented sex’. The pressure for orgasms or behaving certainly should be out of your mind when you’re making love. This will keep you away from any form of anxiety and more indulged in romance.

Communicate your fears

If you’re feeling any form of anxiety, it’s better to talk about your partner openly than letting it fear. Even if you aren’t getting orgasms during sex then you can speak up. How will your partner know if you don’t open up? Also, don’t expect your partner to give a positive response the very first time. Keep sharing your feelings until they’re comfortable and understand your emotions. Slowly and gradually, things will work in your favour and your bond will be stronger. This is just the beginning to combat performance anxiety.

Normalize your physical appearance

Everybody is unique and there is no shape to call ‘perfect’. The more you expose yourself to anxiety, the more negative you’ll feel about your shape. Many of us dislike our bodies more than others will ever think about. Stop having such thoughts that take a toll on your mental health. Cultivate body-positivity from thoughts to implementing in your routine. You may start exercising and do everything to be healthy. That’s enough.

Does performance anxiety cause erectile dysfunction?

Sometimes, performance anxiety could be the reason for most males do not attain desired hardness. Such temporary ED can flee away once men regain confidence during intimacies. However, if performance anxiety is beyond limits, it can overdo sexual health & make men feel impotent. The key is to not let such anxiety step in your life.

The Takeaway

Performance anxiety is common for both men and women. If your partner is having such an experience, try to be supportive and make them feel comfortable. This too shall pass.

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