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Privacy Policy

As a user, kindly refer to our privacy policy before interacting with the site. The privacy of our users is a major concern for us. You agree to our Privacy Policy by browsing our site and also agree & accept the Terms and Conditions of

How user data is utilized/shared by Medzsafe?

  • The only user data we ask for is contact information & user profile details. We then utilize these details to improvising user experience as they browse the site. Your personal details are in safe hands as we don’t share them for money.
  • Your contact information like address and contact number will be shared along with our logistics partners. We do so because it is quintessential to ship your order to your doorsteps.
  • None of your payment details (like mode of payment, bank account number, etc) are stored by this portal. Your browser may save cookies if you agree.
  • User accounts are not accessed by our staff unless you need help with the same. We’re only engaged in authorized & private browsing experiences for the portal.
  • Your purchase history with the site is private. We may utilize this data for displaying suggestions or similar medications for enhancing your shopping experience.
  • As a user, it is up to you whether you want to register or shop as a guest.
  • If you choose to register, it’ll be extremely easy to browse the site and track past shopping details. In addition, you can easily perform returns or refunds, if required.


  • uses cookies for improving user experience. Cookies are small pieces of data that your browser sends to the website.
  • A small pop-up will appear asking for your permission to ‘allow’ or ‘cancel’ cookies. By clicking on ‘allow’, you allow us to access your location and preferences.


  • Feel free to drop your reviews regarding your experience with the site or products.
  • Your feedback and suggestions are welcome at our portal.
  • For products, you can share reviews after processing payment. This means you can only review the product you’ve purchased with this site.
  • None of the users are forced to share reviews. Write a product review only if you feel like sharing the same.