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Kindly refer to our shipping and payment policy to learn about how we handle these facilities. You may also check the Terms and Conditions before processing payments with this portal. It’ll help you avoid any disputes regarding the matter.


User Responsibility

As a buyer or user of this site, it is your responsibility to provide correct and accurate contact details for shipping your order. Please make sure that the name, address, contact number, or other relevant contact details are best to your knowledge. This is the foundation for receiving your order at your doorstep on the first attempt. It further minimizes the chances of inconvenience at both ends.

What time does it take for to ship your order?

We prefer express shipping for all orders. Your order will be dispatched via faster doorstep delivery by our logistics partners. No customer likes to wait for receiving the order they place online. Understanding this requirement, we process orders on a ‘first come first serve’ basis.

  • It is understood that medicines are a priority for any patient. We so pledge to conduct express shipping to make your order reach your doorsteps as soon as possible.
  • Domestic orders usually take a few days while international orders may take up to 10 days to deliver.
  • Kindly note that this is the estimated delivery period. The actual date of delivery can vary depending on several conditions. Your tentative delivery date will be sent via Email by this portal and you can consider delivery of your order by that duration.

Meanwhile, let us also inform you that public holidays, bank holidays, natural calamities, lockdowns, disasters, etc can fluctuate the delivery period. We expect your cooperation and coordination during such exceptional situations.

How do we deal with orders lost during transit?

No matter how accurate the delivery channel is, exceptions are everywhere. With this said, if any order is lost during transit then the user is requested not to panic. In such a case, please bear with us while we re-ship your order without any charges to be re-paid from your end. Re-shipments for lost orders in transit are totally free and we’ll make sure it reaches you as soon as possible.

Payment Details

Acceptable Mode of Payment

Please note the acceptable modes of payment before transacting with our site.

We accept all standardized international payment-validated debit or credit cards. In addition, net banking and mobile wallet options are also available for accepting payments.

For now, we’re not accepting bitcoins as we have multiple options available to suit customers’ preferences.

Is it safe to perform online transactions with

First things first, none of your payment details are saved by this portal. is a website secured by SSL which ensures that your transactions with this site are also safe. Confidential payment data like debit/credit card numbers, PINs, or other information is not stored by us.

We also assure you that your payment details are secure from hackers. As we don’t save any of your payment details, they’re not available to share with third parties. You can transact with this site without any such worries.

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