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By browsing this site, you agree to the Terms and Conditions and accept the same stated hereby with Don’t browse or access this portal (aka ‘site’, ‘website’, or ‘online pharmaceutical store’) if you don’t agree and accept our terms and conditions. You also agree that the terms and conditions may be updated anytime we find changes necessary. Please check for any updates whenever you browse this site.

What is

  • is a web-based portal. Our domain name is referred to as ‘website’ & hereinafter referred to as ‘we’, ‘our’, ‘us’, or ‘company’.
  • You agree and acknowledge all the terms and conditions mentioned with this portal by browsing/transacting with us in any way.
  • We exist as a medium for making healthcare supplies accessible to end users. This site does not encourage the purchase of any medications without consulting the doctor or in absence of prescription/medical guidance. Seek help from your doctor before purchasing any given medicine on the portal.
  • has all the rights for updating, modify, or change norms, Terms, Conditions, Policies as well as Guidelines whenever the need is felt. All the respective changes will be applicable from the moment they’re uploaded on the site. It is your responsibility as a user to see if any revisions are made. We strongly recommend checking for updates whenever you browse our site.
  • This website has most medications available for adults only. In case you’re a minor i.e. below 18 years of age then buy medicines in presence of your guardian/parents only.
  • We have sole proprietorship of the content associated with the medicines available with our portal. If stolen, copied, or cloned, we have the right to legal claims. Make sure you only use this site for availing of our services, buying medicines, or interacting with our customer care.

User Information

By browsing this portal and interacting with our site, you allow us to access your location. This data is accessed with an intention of enhancing user experiences. With this said, we don’t track user data for privacy infringement.

Here are the few essential details we would need to process your order. Make sure you enter all the details correctly & accurately.

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  • You’re supposed to log in/signup with for placing an order or performing any other transactions.
  • Create a strong password and save your password if you find it suitable. Please keep your password 8-letter strong, with a combination of at least one capital letter, one special character & number.
  • This site requires your Email ID and password for order processing and other interactions.
  • Click on ‘Forget Password’ in case you don’t remember the password while logging in. You’ll be provided with a ‘change password’ link at the registered Email ID.
  • Once logged in, users should complete account information by filling in user profile details. This information should be entered correctly as it’ll be utilized further for order processing.
  • does not perform unauthorized access to user accounts.
  • In case you’re unable to access your user account then call/Email our customer support number and our team will assist.

How do we handle user data?

  • None of the user profile detail is shared with third parties.
  • Only essential user information like contact number, address, and name is shared with our logistics partners for delivering your order successfully.
  • We don’t sell user data for money. All of your interactions with this portal as well as transactions are secured with an SSL layer.

Please note that user privacy holds the utmost importance for us. We don’t make money selling this private data. So, feel free to interact with the site without bearing any doubts in mind.

Accessing & our services

  • A prescription is mandatory for users before they buy any healthcare medicines from this portal. In case you’re not having a prescription & still proceed to order and use medicines then it is not our responsibility.
  • User is solely responsible for what they buy and use from our website. In case any unfavorable consequences occur or you experience severe side effects then seek help from your primary care provider.
  • All the medicines available on this site accompany a product description. Make sure you read it carefully before buying/using the medicine.
  • is not a manufacturer of medicines. We’re bridging the gap between reliable medicines and needy patients.
  • Check the manufacturer details and other necessary information before buying any product with us.


  • only accepts orders with prepaid payments. We’ll then ship orders as received – first came, first served.
  • Don’t consider your order as placed until we give a confirmation email of the order placed.
  • Your shipping details must be entered precisely. The order will be dispatched to the same address as provided. In case your billing or shipping addresses are different and you forgot to choose the right address then we’re not responsible for correction. If any such address issue arises then kindly contact our customer support.
  • Users are able to track their order once it is dispatched. You’ll receive updates on the given Email ID.
  • All of our orders are lined up for express shipping. In case you don’t get any updates on your order then reach out to our customer care number.
  • We make sure that customers receive their packages in safe and secure condition, just as dispatched from our warehouse. If you think your package is tampered with or mishandled then you can Email or call our customer support. Our team will look into the matter and provide the best help possible.
  • don’t have an order delivery department but has logistics partners for this purpose. Your orders will be shipped by our logistics partners. If you face any delay or have an unpleasant experience then we’re not responsible for the same. Please don’t reach out for any relevant complaints.

Third-Party Advertisements

  • Users may view third-party ads auto-generated by the search engines or other advertisers on this site.
  • is not responsible if any user engages or interacts with the third-party websites by clicking on the ad visible with our portal.
  • It is your responsibility if you click on the ads. Also, you agree to the terms and conditions of the site by accessing those third-party websites and we don’t hold any rights further.
  • We are not responsible for protecting your privacy if you agree & allow the third-party site to access your location and other details.

Payment Policy

  • Users can register free of cost with We don’t charge users for viewing or browsing medicine information with this portal. If you proceed to purchase then you’ll have to pay for the medicines you buy respectively.
  • Your orders will only be confirmed if you pay for them in advance. We accept prepaid orders only. If you want to buy any medicines then kindly make complete payment for confirming the same.
  • Refer to your billing details for a breakdown of your order. Our bill reflects the charges you’ve paid for the product, shipping, taxes, etc. Also, any applicable discounts will be mentioned along.
  • We don’t ask for payment details for our records. If you provide bank account details, credit card numbers, etc then it will be utilized for the payment gateway. Refer to our Privacy Policy to see more about how we handle the payment details of our users.
  • None of your confidential information (like a personal profile, or payment data) is shared with other customers or any third parties.
  • Once your payment is successful, your order confirmation and a receipt will be sent via Email to the registered Email ID. In case the payment fails & you don’t receive confirmation then wait for a few minutes before trying again.
  • If payment is debited from your account and the order is still unconfirmed then wait for a few minutes. You may get approval for the order in the meantime. If not, you can check the ‘My Order page to see if the order is accepted or not. In case you have confusions then call our customer support.

Please reach out to our customer support for any queries regarding orders or payment processing.