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Sustanon 250 Dosage 1ml Per Week

Sustanon 250 Dosage 1ml Per Week

Sustanon 250 Injection is one of the most popular anabolic with a powerful combination of four synthetic testosterone. This synthetic testosterone released in the body to reach the ideal levels and eliminate health concerns caused by the replenishing levels.

In this blog, we’ll have a closer look at the perks and downsides of this very famous testosterone booster. Also, we’ll share some useful insights on Sustanon 250 Dosage cycle and how it is helpful to bodybuilders.

First things first, you think you’re injecting Sustanon 250 injection but you’re injecting synthetic testosterone. It is a blend of distinct testosterone esters like enanthate or cypionate. This is very helpful for bodybuilders or people seeking a specific body form. It doesn’t matter what kind of testosterone is injected, the compound administered shall produce the expected results. With this said, Sustanon 250 is also an anabolic steroid known for increasing muscle mass, power & strength.

Secondly, what sets Sustanon apart from the rest is its unique composition. Not only does it contain one testosterone ester but four! Needless to say, the medicinal composition is high-impact and promising.

Sustanon 250 Dosage Cycles

Before we hop on to the recommended dosage and the correct way to dose this anabolic steroid, let’s see what its dosage cycle is. Let us also mention this versatile hormone can be used for both – cutting & bulking. Thanks to its anabolic & fat-burning effects that run simultaneously, it can be suggested for bodybuilders seeking bulky or leaner mass bodies. It is still preferred by people seeking bulky bodies over those wanting to have leaner bodies. This injection can be paired with other steroids for enhancing results, for instance: Anadrol.

Here are the common Dosage Cycles with Sustanon 250 Injection:


  • Week 1: 200mg
  • Week 2: 200mg
  • Week 3: 300mg
  • Week 4: 300mg


  • Week 1: 250mg
  • Week 2: 250mg
  • Week 3: 500mg
  • Week 4: 500mg


  • Week-1: 500mg
  • Week-2: 500mg
  • Week-3: 500mg
  • Week-4: 500mg

Sustanon 250 Dosage

1.    Do you need a prescription first?

Yes, a prescription is required for buying and administering this steroid in the right amounts and accurate dosage cycles. As mentioned above, each patient has a distinct dosage regimen as per their requirements for bulking and cutting among others. Hence, this medication can be injected right with a prescription on hand. Otherwise, it would be difficult to achieve the desired results. When not administered right, the risks can outweigh the benefits of this medicine.

2.    How to take Sustanon 250 Dosage?

Usually, the patient is prescribed this steroid injection and is free to buy Sustanon 250 online from wherever they want. Next, they’re supposed to take those injections to the healthcare provider and let them apply as per the ideal dosage cycle. Self-administration is not suggested for safety purposes.

3.    Can you DIY Sustanon 250 injections?

No, it is not suggested to DIY with Sustanon 250 Injections. They must be injected by a medical professional – your healthcare provider or nurse only. Self-inject is considered unsafe in this case. Thus, you better get help from a medical care provider before starting to use or DIY this anabolic steroid injection.

How often is Sustanon 250 Dosage administered?

Usually, this injection is suggested for administering once or twice per week as per the medicinal requirements of the user. It is thus recommended to prefer genuine Sustanon 250 injections for achieving desired improvements. Let us share this anabolic steroid is one of the most inexpensive yet reliable ways for achieving desired results for bodybuilders. It can also increase testosterone to the ideal levels in the male body and eliminate testosterone deficiency-related issues (infertility, erectile dysfunction, and so on).

Here is the highly effective composition of this injectable:

  • 100mg testosterone decanoate
  • 60mg testosterone Isocaproate
  • 60mg testosterone phenylpropionate
  • 30mg of testosterone propionate

What you can expect after using Sustanon 250 Dosage 1ml per week?

As stated above, Sustanon 250 Dosage is suggested according to cycles – beginner, intermediate & advanced. For beginners, the ideal weekly dosage is mostly 200mg which can be increased to 300mg or 350mg as per the requirements. The intermediate cycle usually has 250mg dosage recommendations per week for the first couple of weeks. This dosage can be increased to 500mg for the next few weeks if found suitable. The cutting cycle has a 200mg to 400mg or 500mg per-week dosage recommendation. So, you can expect results according to your ideal dosage cycle suggested by the physician.

Once you start your dosage with this anabolic steroid, instant results are not possible as your diet and exercise also affect its performance. Along with the desired physical activities and diet regime, you can start seeing expected improvements. However, you should not increase the Sustanon 250 Dosage 1ml per week. It can be the extremely high dosage which might cause potential harm. If your per-week dosage is this high, you may experience severe side effects of this medication.

Sustanon 250 Side Effects

As you know, Sustanon 250 is synthetic testosterone. It’ll likely have some unfavourable effects on your health just like any other testosterone product. Most patients experience adverse effects associated with androgen – acne, oily skin, increase in aggressiveness, baldness, and so on. The overall impact of side effects varies among individuals. For instance, some users may experience baldness while others become prone to acne.

Furthermore, some users experience another category of side effects that are linked with Estrogen levels that rise because of Sustanon. Estrogen usually increases water retention and gynecomastia. These conditions are treatable when in the initial stage. When left undiagnosed, they may expand to a severe stage and can only be resolved with surgery. Thankfully, anti-estrogen products work well and improve the symptoms.

As a precautionary measure, users can include fish oil supplements as 4g per day with regular cardio to avoid any steroid-related side effects on the heart. Also, frequent checkups with the healthcare provider are must for monitoring blood lipids.


Sustanon 250 Dosage 1ml per week is nothing but a myth. People who cannot wait to see results might be prescribed advance-level dosage once or twice a week but it is mostly 500mg per week only. We strongly recommend following your prescription and seeking help from your healthcare provider whether you want to use this injection or are willing to start the same. Remember, your health is above everything else, even bodybuilding! So, don’t risk your life for an injection and choose your path with the help of a licensed medical professional only.